here's a collection of cool links to other sites! my bookmarks are so goddamn clogged, so i decided to make a page for this lol


W3 SCHOOLS - the most well known resource for a good reason

WORD TO HTML - convert formatted text to html easily


HTML GENERATORS - what it says on the tin, a bit hard to use

OLD WINDOWS CSS - very poggers

INSANEJOURNAL CODING HELP - olddd but a good hub

TENTACOOL'S DIRECTORY - another oldie but a goodie

TENTACOOL'S FAVS - rp focused html, can be reused for other stuff tho

INSANEJOURNAL2 - a lot of these dont do much but meh

TENTACOOL'S BIOS - why do i have the same site bookmarked 3 times? thats none of ur business

NEOTHEMES - nice templates

BASICS OF HTML/CSS - very basic, still helpful for beginners like me

TEMPLATERR - templates that require a lot of editing, good for learning

ALMOSTSWEET - html templates

JASMINNIE - quick and dirty html ref

HTML SYMBOLS - w3 schools html symbols table

ELITHIAN ON TH - 3 coding refs

TOYHOUSE CSS - css cheat sheet for th

BRIGITTE THEMES - f2u neocities templates

IIIOXO - f2u templates, site is in japanese though

FREE FRONTEND - collection of cool css templates, haven't explored too much

DICED - another japanese site of html site templates

REPTH - 30+ neocities html themes

CSS ALMANAC - ref for css properties and selectors

IIIOXO - f2u templates, site is in japanese though


NES CSS - NES css style

HOVER - a bunch of css hover effects

NIC'S - javascript codes, wayback machine link

JSKIT - more JS codes

FALLING OBJECTS GEN - using glitter graphics images or any html safe symbols

10 CUSTOM EFFECTS - 10 click and hover effects

COOL EFFECT CODES - LOVE THIS SITE, has really cool effects like star trails, rainbow text, etc

JS POPUP - message box when page opens

FLOATY TEXT - idk how to describe it, its like bouncy

FUN FACT BUTTON - text appears from a list when u click the button

IMAGE STROKE - image stroke on text, can be gif

SCROLLING MARQUEE - stops on hover, can be text, images, whatever

DRAGGABLE ELEMENTS - haven't played with this one too much but seems v pog

IMAGE PEEK - image peeks out more on hover


IMAGE FOLLOWS MOUSE - i think this would annoy me but still cool

HEART CROP ON HOVER - very cutesy, used in a lot of kpop carrds

GLITCH TEXT - poggers

SCRAMBLED TEXT - this one is sick

WINDOW2 - another old windows box


IMAGE SPLIT TO REVEAL TEXT - used in a lot of carrds

IMAGE MASKS 1 - cute

IMAGE MASKS 2 - cute2

BLINK TEXT COLOR - idk how to describe but flashing colors


HOLY - one of the best code carrds

HAUNTED MANSION - another one of the best for code

ALLISON'S - code carrd, has text effects + tv effect

SUPPLIES JUMP - mostly graphics, has links to coding carrds

GIFCITY - graphics carrd, great links to other carrds

XYZ - pixel focused graphics carrd, has a few codes

PRINCE KETCHUM - this is someone's personal carrd, but this page has so many cute stamps

EDWARD'S CARRD FOLDER - google doc + drive folder of SO MANY RESOURCE CARRDS

1p2p3 - graphics!!!

GNOME - mostly codes, some graphics

SCRIPTED - personal fav, takes a min to load

BUBBLEGUM - cute codes

MORI - codes + small amt of graphics

BARBARA - graphics!! finally back as of 5/14/22!

VNC - "bad resources for terribe carrds"

TERROR - personal fav

BUTTER - not a carrd, but a directory for them


12FT LADDER - bypass (most) paywalls

AMERICAN YAWP - collaborative open american history textbook with many primary source documents

LOVE YOU GUYS (NO HOMO) - a very interesting paper about the homoeroticism and linguistics of minecraft youtubers

LIBRIVOX - free public domain audiobooks

CELT - online resource for Irish history, lit, and politics

LIBRETEXTS - free textbook resource

OPENSTAX - another free textbook site

DOAB - directory of open access books

PROJECT GUTENBERG - free ebooks!

METPUB - free books from the met


TEXTANIM - glitter text maker

BLOGGIF - glitter text maker 2

ATOMSMASHER - error message maker, down as of 5/8/2022 at 9:28 pm EST :(

PETPET GIF - petting gif maker!!! now this is epic

BLINKIESCAFE - best modern blinkie maker imo

BURNING TEXT - burning text maker (+others but... cmon)

REMOVEBG - give an image a transparent bg online! so much easier than photoshop lol

BUTTON MAKER - 88x31 button maker :D

GLITTERPHOTO - glitterify ur pics!!

PATTERNICO - make tiled patterns using emojis!!

ASCII - input an image, get an ascii .txt file

POOKATOO - another glitter text maker

3D TEXT GIF MAKER - wobbly 3D text maker

PATTERNICO - make tiled patterns using emojis!!

PHOTOMOSH - AWESOME photo editing site


CATBOX - image/file hosting site up to 200 mb per file

PATTERNVOMIT - tumblr with a million patterns, good for bgs

A.N. LUCAS'S BUTTON COLLECTION - page of 88x31 buttons

A.N. LUCAS'S GIFS - page of old web esque gifs

NANCY'S - angelfire site with a bunch of old graphics

BONNIBEL'S - surely you know this one! so many cute pixels organized by catagory

GIFCITIES - another one everyone uses, search by keyword for a bunch of old gifs, powered by internet archive

GLITTER GRAPHICS - glitter graphics index

THE 88X31 COLLECTION - give it a minute to load because there are so many 88x31 buttons here

WEB BADGES WORLD - collection of thousands of 80x15 pixel buttons

KEY'S COLLECTION - so many cool graphics curated by key (who is also linked in the neocities sites section)

JAN'S GRAPHICS - cozy collection of web graphics

WINDOWS 98 ICONS - so so many windows 98 icons

SPRITER'S RESOURCE - sprites ripped from almost any game you can think of

NOSTALGIC GRAPHICS - genuine old web graphics to make the heart fond for the days of 2000s anime forums (or so i assume, i was busy watching pbs and learning to read)

PRIDE BUTTONS - 88x31 pride buttons!!

BELLS AND WHISTLES - f2u graphics collection

TOBIRAMA'S STUFF - many many gifs, mostly pixels

MY BUTTONS WORLD - another 88x31 button collection, sorted by category

POKESPRITE - all the pokemon sprites

RW DESIGNER - custom cursors!

BUFFALO STATE ACTIVIST PIN COLLECTION - hundreds of activist buttons collected by SUNY Buffalo!

LHA BUTTON COLLECTION - mainly feminist and lgbt buttons

BACKGROUNDS WITH EMMA - background collection, v old web

SCRIBBLE'S PIXELS - beautiful pixel art, makes perfect backgrounds

SADGRLONLINE'S BGS - color sorted background collection with hover-over previews!

FRUITS OF THE WEB - tumblr with a bunch of weirdass graphics

VILE-THINGS - idk if i'd call them vile, but they're def weird! graphics tumblr

WARRIORSGRAPHICS - cat images sorted by color, pattern, etc! great art ref

UNSPLASH - do i even need to explain?

ANIMATED IMAGES - old style gifs! similar to gifcities

RE:HOEASS - animal crossing pixels!! v cute

GIFS PARADISE - another olddd gif website

MAZEGUY - adorable forum style emotes

PICGIFS - more forum style emotes + more

ICON ARCHIVE - great site for favicons, you have to dig for nice ones tho

NEVR2L8 - so many dividers!!

THE ICONOLOG - old pixel icons!


PALETTON - awesome color palette maker

KIDPIX - kidpix art program in your browser!

JSPAINT - old ms paint in your browser!

CSP ASSET MASTERLIST - carrd of sorted csp brushes and assets

CSP ASSET STORE - dont let store fool you, there are tons of free brushes for csp here

LINE OF ACTION - figure study website

ADORKASTOCK - stock photo collection, great for figure studies + pose ref

WARRIORSGRAPHICS - cat images sorted by color, pattern, etc!

COLORHUNT - color pallet website

FAT PHOTO REF - pose ref with exclusively fat models. password protected

TOKYO FASHION - photos of japanese street fashion

5E TOOLS - nice, organized reference for dnd 5e

SMARTHISTORY - the center for public art history website

GUGGENHEIM COLLECTION - online collection from the mueseum


DEEPAI - ai text generator. fun to play around with. i like to make it write fanfic for me

THIS X DOES NOT EXIST - faces, cats, anime girls, fursonas, make one that doesn't exist!

POSY'S WC NAME GEN - posy :] my friend posy made this wc name generator

DETAILED WC GEN - comes up with a warrior, description, and family!

ASTER'S WC GEN - warrior cats gen that makes u a design!!! so cute!!!

CLANCAT WC GEN - just an appearance gen!

CHINCH'S WC GEN - super detailed! + an allegeance version is linked

DIALOGUE GENERATOR - what it says on the tin

INFER KIT - write with a neural network! i also like to make this write fanfic

DSMP CHARA GEN - gives you a random dsmp character

OC AESTHETIC GEN - give you an aesthetic, scent, and color for an oc

HOLLY'S WC GEN - really unique and funky names + clan names


MAGIC BABY NAMES - gives you similar names to names you input, good for character naming


SPARROW'S GARDEN - great cat genetics ref! generate babies from inputted parents and more

CLIPR - download twitch clips and vods (easy + safe)

MESSYBEAST - one of the greatest cat genetics info sources on the web, a bit jargony for beginners though

MOM'S SPAGHETTI - there's vomit on his sweater already

DISCORD FORMATTING - discord syntax ref, good for spicing up discord rp

SPOTALIKE - submit a song, get a playlist with similar songs

RARELUST - rare movie download site (some of these are rare for a reason! lol)

JAKEJAT - personal website, cool design

GOOGLISM - what does google think of you!?

TEXTFILES - archive of text files from the 80s, fun to get lost in

HEAVEN'S GATE - this is the actual cult's website, and its still online. very eerie to look at

WEIRD AL MPREG - um. this site is fascinating

BATHE IN MY MILK - also. interesting.

SILVERPELT FIGHTING PAGE - warrior cats battle moves ref (site down as of 11:53 AM EST 5/10/2022)

CATCOLORS - cat color reference

YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT - self-care flowchart, very helpful if you're feeling bad and dont know why

RAP ZODIAC - do u want to know the signs of your fav rappers? no? too bad

THE CONDIMENT PACKET GALLERY - neat little archive of condiment packaging

ORB FARM - make a little fishtank :D

EFFED UP MOVIES - a site with a bunch of fucked up films. major content warning

YYYYYYY - site you should not visit on mobile. idk what's going on here but its cool

DSMP TRANSCRIPTS - fanmade transcripts of mostly lore streams sorted by character and arc!

GOOGLE SEARCH OPERATORS - reference for google search operators, good if you're looking for specific stuff on the web

DEAD MALLS - read about dead malls and marvel at how capitalism is failing before our eyes

MY FRIDGE FOOD - find recipies based on what you have in the kitchen! good if you dont have the spoons to think too much but you still have to eat

LOOKIN' BRATZ - bratz fansite with so many resources! this is here for my friend beau who likes dolls and doll customization

17776 - amazing webseries.

CAN I PLAY THAT? - guide for and by disabled gamers

TEMPMAIL - do you ever want to sign up for something but dont want a billion spammy emails in your inbox? this is for you

TANE.US - plays animal crossing music corresponding to your local time ^_^

STONE FACE EMOJI - make some weird tunes

HOW TO PIRATE (ARRR) - a guide on how to be a pirate safely, ya feel?

BOY ZONE - really really cool narrative art peice

NEOCITIES SITES 88x31 button